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Around the clock VoIP Support
Keeping VoIP products online
Does your business or organisation require technical support for VoIP systems and networks? At VoIPon we understand the critical requirements of keeping your systems online at all times. With our 24/7 VoIP service plans, our highly trained technical staff can assist your business or organisations when you need help the most.
Examples of where we can help?
Keeping your VoIP Systems Online

Whether your IP phone system goes down, your PBX or gateway stops working, or you need help setting up new equipment we can help. You can contact us via email or phone and we can assist you in a number of technical VoIP services.

Every business or organisation is different which is why we are flexible on how we can help. You may require rapid recovery systems help, software configuration, out of hours maintenance, including software upgrades to keep your day to day operations discretions to a minimum.

  • Initial Hardware / software systems configuration
  • Rapid / Online Disaster Recovery
  • Out of Hours / scheduled maintenance, including software upgrade
  • Feature / systems testing
  • Diagnostics for network / media quality pertaining to your system
  • Performance analysis and report generation.
  • Basic Training / Coaching applicable to the use of your device / service
Manufacturers we cover for 24/7 support
Cisco Systems
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24/7 Support

24/7 VoIP Support, 365 days of the year. Over the phone, through email or remotely.

Dedicated Number

You will receive a dedicated support phone number which is only available to you.

Flexible Plans

We offer flexible support plans depending on your business or organisation requirements.
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