Click Fraud Gigaset N300IP Base Station and Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone Bundle - Two Handsets
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Gigaset N300IP Base Station and Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone Bundle - Two Handsets (Clearance)

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28/09/2021 £79.00 exc. VAT
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Key Features
  • 1 x Gigaset N300 IP DECT Base Station
  • 2 x Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone
  • Multi-user: up to 6 handsets & 6 VoIP accounts

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Brand: Gigaset
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Gigaset N300IP Base Station and Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone Bundle - Two Handsets

The Gigaset N300IP Base Station and Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone Bundle - Two Handsets is a bundle that is easy to set up and configure. The Gigaset A690HX has a 2 inch screen and advanced features.

What's included in this bundle

  • 1 x Gigaset N300 IP DECT Base Station  
  • 2 x Gigaset A690HX DECT Phone 

The Gigaset N300 IP is the easy-to-configure hybrid DECT IP base station that lets users enjoy calling over both a landline and the internet. Multi-line support allows registration of up to 6 different compatible Gigaset handsets to the base station and up to 4 parallel calls (1 landline + 3 VoIP) can be made at once.

The Gigaset A690HX has a 2" illuminated display and HD voice. This handset can be customised to the personal taste of the user with a choice of ringtones. The A690HX is ideal for use as a basic handset with the Gigaset N300IP and N510IP* DECT base stations.

Gigaset N300IP DECT Base Station Benefits

Key Benefits for end-users:

  • Plug & play
  • Stand-alone basis
  • Multi-line: up to 4 parallel calls (3 VoIP + 1 PSTN calls)
  • Multi-user: up to 6 handsets & 6 VoIP accounts/phone numbers
  • Exceptional sound quality (HDSP)1), 3)
  • Search in online directories (white and yellow pages) 2)
  • Access to online information  (e.g. emails, weather, eBay companion, encyclopedia, etc)2), 8)

Key Benefits for VoIP Providers:

  • Auto-provisioning
  • Easy setup
  • Software upgrade / Software Downgrade

Basic IP telephony features

  • Expandable phone system with multiline functionality for up t6 handsets
  • Up t6 SIP accounts from different providers
  • Assign SIP accounts individually thandsets (send & receive direction specifically)
  • Multi-Line type system (6 x VoIP + 1 x PSTN) allows:  Line selection for each call via menu selection 
  • Up t4 calls in parallel (3 internet calls + 1 landline calls)
  • Easy configuration of internet telephony (VoIP) by wizard and download of provider setting profiles (>200 providers supported)

Enhanced IP Telephony

  • Embedded SIP VoIP with codecs: G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729AB6)
  • free of charge calls between Gigaset VoIP phones. Nickname search in community.
  • Auto-fallback tPSTN, if the phone cannot establish a VoIP connection 
  • VoIP supplementary services (device controlled): conference, hold/toggle, call forwarding 
  • Call transfer via R key Quality of service2): ToS, Diffserv, configurable DSCP values for SIP and RTP

IP features and services Online directories

  • Online directory and Yellow Page search (multiple directories supported) 2).
  • Reverse search (number -> contact).
  • Reverse lookup online (display of caller id from online directory)
  • Link tuser defined online directory


  • New Emails are indicated on the handset8) by illuminated MWI-key 
  • Read Emails on handset (up t560 characters) 2), 8)
  • Delete Emails via handset2), 8).
  • Support of POP3/POP3S Email accounts2), 8)

Applications and Services

  • Easy access tonline information on handset8) via screensaver and interactive InfCenter:
    - Weather, RSS Feeds, eBay Companion, Translator, Encyclopedia, Horoscope, Biorhythm, Unit Converter2), 8)
    - User defined services2), 8)
  • Initiate calls on handset from InfService pages (click-to-call) 2), 8)

Setup and provisioning

  • Quickstart setup software
  • Easy configuration via web server or from handset
  • Administrator friendly configuration via config file
  • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for retail variant via
  • MAC address Auto-configuration code
  • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for operator/customer variant via:
  • MAC address TR069, TR104, TR106, TR111 / part 1 (part 2 on request)

System and software

  • Firmware update directly from handset, without file handling
  • Firmware downgrade tfactory delivery status / last version
  • DHCP client (Option 60, 114, 120)
  • VLAN tagging 
  • HTTP Proxy support incl. 1.0 compatibility for chunked messages Increased virus protection thanks tprotected operating system
  • Clock synchronization using NTP (Network Time Protocol) server
Gigaset A690HX DECT Handset - Technical Specifications

Audio quality

  • Excellent audio performance: handset complies with CAT-iq 2.0 audio requirements (HD Voice) 
  • Handsfree talking on the handset in best sound quality 
  • Adjustable volume of handset sound (5 levels) 
  • Two sound profiles for optimal hearing 
  • Ringer melody output in handset via handsfree speaker 
  • Ringer melodies with adjustable volume setting (5 levels) 
  • Advisory tone for key confirmation, low battery, charging contact and when reaching the limit of the base station range 
  • Hearing aid compatible

Telephone book and dialling functions

  • Telephone book for up to 150 names and numbers with VIP setting 
  • Large font in dial mode for improved readability
  • Dial preparation (input of phone number before the actual dialling procedure) with correction option 
  • Redial of the last 10 different numbers 
  • Programmable speed dial shortcut keys (keys 2 -- 9) 
  • Dialling procedure: Dual-tone multi-frequency dialling (DTMF), pulse dialling (DP) 
  • Dialling key 
  • Phonebook transfer between handsets or to a CATiq base station


  • Illuminated black and white graphic display 
  • 34 x 37 mm (H x W), 5.1 cm / 2" (diagonal), 96 x 64 pixel 
  • Display illumination: white 
  • In standby mode:
    - Display of date and time
    - Display of field strength and battery charge status
    - Display keys for fast selection of functions 
  • During a call: Display of call duration

Call display and signalling

  • Call display with number or name (CLIP / CNIP) 
  • For incoming and missed calls 
  • Optical indication of call in display and via flashing handsfree key
  • Adjustable ringtones:
    - 25 melodies in handset
    - 5 adjustable volume levels / OFF 
  • Individual ringtones for external, internal, VIP-calls and alarm clock 
  • Call block function for up to 32 numbers: 
    - Locally in the handset for CATiq- and GAP-System
    - Easy transfer of an incoming number to call block list 
  • Anonymous call suppression: Calls without CLIP number are only indicated visually 
  • Day / night mode: Timed ringtone deactivation on handset, with the exception of VIP contacts

Display of missed calls / caller list

  • Display and flashing message key indicate missed calls and provide convenient access to message list 
  • Direct dialling out of missed calls list 
  • List of the last 25 missed calls with number / name and time


  • Ergonomic keypad made of high quality material (metal dome technology) 
  • Easy handling due to large keys 
  • 12 numeric keys and 2 soft keys Soft key on right hand side individually programmable 
  • 4-way navigation key 
  • Illuminated keypad and navigation area: amber-coloured 
  • Illuminated pick up / hands free key (green LED) 
  • Illuminated ‘‘hang-up’’- / message key (red LED) 
  • Keypad protection on/off through #-key 
  • Ringer tone on/off through *-key 
  • Dialling key (programmable flash times)


  • Convenient menu guidance in various languages (D, GB, F, I, E, P, TR, etc.) 
  • Simple operation via symbols, text based menu and soft keys

Additional functions

  • Plug & Play - very easy installation: unpack, plug in, and call (handset registered ex works) 
  • Alarm clock feature with adjustable melody and snooze function 
  • Baby monitor (baby alarm) with intercom function:
    - to an external device, such as a mobile telephone
    - or to an internal device, such as an additional handset 
  • Settings, telephone book, caller list, date and time function are protected against power failure


  • Automatic reduction of the transmitting power depending on the distance between the handset and the base station 
  • Radiation-free in standby mode, even if several handsets are used, as long as all registered handsets support ECO DECT

Technical Data

  • Standards DECT, GAP, CATiq 2.0, SUOTA 
  • Handset x2:
    - Standby: up to 180 hours
    - Talk time: up to 12 hours
    - Batteries: 2 x AAA (NiMH), rechargeable
    - Charging time: approx. 4,5 hours in base station
    - Range: in buildings: up to 50 m, outdoors: up to 300 m
    - Dimensions: 155 x 49 x 28 mm (H x W x D)
    - Weight: approx. 119 g (incl. batteries) 
  • Charger x2:
    - Power supply: 230 V plug-in power adaptor
    - Dimensions: 38 x 70 x 77 mm (H x W x D)
    - Weight: 36 g
    - Charger suited for wall mounting 
  • Scope of supply x2:
    - 1 Handset Gigaset A690HX
    - 1 Charger
    - 1 Plug in power adapter
    - 2 AAA rechargeable batteries (NiMH)
    - 1 Battery compartment cover
    - 1 User manual 
  • Appliance colour:
    - Black
    - White 
  • Datasheet-Version 23.09.2019

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