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To get started you need VoIP Hardware, an Internet connection and subscription to a VoIP Service. There are several types of hardware you can use to connect to VoIPon™.

A VoIP Phone - this plugs straight into your network or Broadband Router and just needs to be configured with VoIP Service details, such as VoIPon™.
A VoIP Adaptor - If you want to use your ordinary analogue phone with VoIP then plug it straight into a VoIP Adaptor and configure your adaptor with your VoIP Service details.
A VoIP Compatible Router - Routers provide access to the Internet for multiple devices. They can be wired or wireless to suit your needs. A VoIP-compatible router can also be used like a VoIP adaptor.

Set up and start making calls!

Plug in your VoIP device to your network (plug the device into your router) or, if you are using a USB phone, plug it into your PC.
On registering, you will receive a welcome email with an activation link. Activate your account by clicking on this link.
Follow the Setup Instructions for your specific VoIP device here.
To test that the phone has been set up correctly, dial 902 and you should hear a confirmation message.

You can dial other VoIPon subscribers by dialling their VoIPon ID. If you want to dial users on other VoIP networks, please use the relevant access codes here.
Please note that to make calls to a PSTN phone (an ordinary BT phone for example), you must dial the FULL number including the area code e.g 0208 / 0207 etc. or your call will not complete.

"What is the difference between my VoIPon Password and my Login Password?"
Your Login Password is the password you set when registering with VoIPon and is used when logging in to your account.
Your VoIPon password is required for device configuration, and is also used as the Voicemail PIN when initially setting up your Voicemail Box. To retrieve your VoIPon Password, log in to your account where your VoIPon account/s will be listed. Hover the mouse over the required VoIPon ID to reveal your VoIPon Password.

You can visit www.voipon.co.uk at any time and login to your account using your Email Address and login password so that you can manage your account as you wish, including topping up your account so that you can start making calls!