VoIP Hardware and Software Quick Tutorial

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VoIP Hardware

VoIP PhonesUSB VoIP Phones

VoIP RoutersVoIP Phone Adaptors

First off, you will require some type of VoIP Hardware. This can be:

- An IP Telephone

- A VoIP Adaptor (to plug your analogue phone into)

- A VoIP Compatible Router

If you are planning to use Asterisk for your VoIP services, take a look at our Asterisk PBX service.


Getting a VoIP Account

After you have the right hardware available, you can phone other users of VoIP hardware by dialling their IP Address.

You can also make things easier by signing up for a FREE VoIP account. A VoIPon account will allocate you a VoIPon ID. You can then configure your VoIP phone with your details as described in the VoIP setup page. Users of other VoIP phones can contact you by dialling VoIPon [email protected] or, if they are also VoIPon users, dialling your VoIPon ID. Calls like these are completely free and are much easier to make as opposed to having to dial an IP Address that may vary day by day.


Receiving Incoming VoIP Calls

Incoming VoIP Numbers'); ?>

You are now able to make and receive calls to and from other VoIP users. If, however, you wish to receive calls from normal telephones, you will need to purchase a PSTN Incoming Number. If you are interested in UK Geographical numbers, you can find out more.

Once you purchased one of these numbers, the number will be allocated to your account. If you have already configured your phone with your VoIPon details you do not need to configure anything else. Simply check your VoIP account details to find out your number and then distribute this number to your friends and associates. You do not have to pay any call costs. Only the caller pays for the call.


Making outgoing calls with VoIP

You can now call other VoIP users for free and receive calls from normal phones. What if you want to call normal phones from your VoIP Phone?

Nothing could be easier. Simply purchase some PSTN Call Credit and the credit will be allocated to your account instantly. You can then make calls at the rates detailed in the VoIPon tariff page.

When you make a call using your VoIPon account, your Caller ID will show up as the PSTN Incoming number you purchase.

Once you have purchased some PSTN Call Credit, you can check your balance and call records in the VoIP account page.