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VoIPon Hosted PBX

Enhance your business phone system

VoIPon Hosted PBX is a powerful cloud based system that is scalable, feature rich, cost effective and reliable.

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100% Scalable
Scalable & Reliable
Scale your phone system as your business grows, with 99.999% system uptime.
Feature Rich
Feature Rich
Huge list of features, plus make calls from an IP Phone or smartphone via a mobile app.
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
No hardware costs or set-up fees, you only need to make a low cost monthly payment.
Never Miss A Call
Never Miss A Call
Never miss another business call thanks to Call Queues, IVR and advanced call rules.
Benefits of VoIPon Hosted PBX
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*Extra charges will apply for each additional extension purchased.

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So what is hosted VoIP?
VoIPon hosted PBX is a cloud based telephony management system.
Users are connected via the internet to the platform, and all calls are transported over the Internet. This means you do not need to invest in costly, space consuming PBX equipment, instead it's just a low cost monthly payment.
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"We used to have an internal PBX server but decided to go for VoIPon hosted PBX. I was impressed with how quick the setup was and how good the call quality is."