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Why Hosted PBX?

Benefits of moving to the cloud

"A 99.999% uptime, reliable phone system to help your business lower costs and improve customer relations."

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Benefits of VoIPon Hosted IP PBX
Cloud based Phone System.
VoIPon Hosted PBX isn't just any old phone system, our platform runs on state-of-the-art Cisco and HP hardware and is designed with up time and full system redundancy in mind. In the event of any hardware failure the solution will continue to run seamlessly. In the event of a major system outage a failover event will be generated and users will automatically reconnect to a backup server within seconds.

Never miss another call

Using Hosted VoIP you can give your customers one number, safe in the knowledge that they can contact you, no matter where you are. The system can be configured to simultaneously ring multiple numbers including mobiles, allowing calls to be answered when in the office or whilst on the move.

Gain a competitive edge

Two ways to improve business profitability are to increase sales or decrease expenditure. With VoIPon Hosted your business can lower its monthly bills whilst increasing responsiveness and providing a better customer experience.

Auto Attendant

"Auto attendant" is in the office, even if you aren't. To the smaller business, the ability to project an established image has never been more important. Using our Auto Attendant (IVR) you can do just that, without breaking the bank. Customers can be presented with a voice menu which directs calls to the relevant person, group of people or voicemail, ensuring they get through to the right person every time.

Improve customer response

Improve customer response with call queues. Our call queues feature allows in-depth reporting on the number of calls received, when they were answered and by whom. You can easily view any missed calls allowing you to call back prospective customers and not lose out on any business.

Improve Call Management

We offer a number of options to help you improve your call handling and provide a better customer experience. Calls can be routed based on a range of factors such as time of day or incoming number. For example, calls from important customers can be prioritised, and features such as voicemail-to-email mean that you need never miss another important message again.

Work from anywhere

Remote workers can now be just as effective as their office based counterparts. Our system allows multiple locations and phones to ring whenever your number is called, meaning workers based anywhere can take calls. These could be mobiles, home phones or office phones. It is also possible to transfer calls between these for free; improving communication whilst lowering your ongoing costs.

Web Portal

Every aspect of your system is accessible from any Internet connected device through our user friendly, secure web portal, allowing you to make changes whenever needed.

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"We used to have an internal PBX server but decided to go for VoIPon hosted PBX. I was impressed with how quick the setup was and how good the call quality is."