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VoIPon Hosted PBX is packed with VoIP system features to help your business grow.

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VoIPon Hosted PBX Features
Cloud based Phone System.
The VoIPon Hosted IP PBX is a flexible and feature rich cloud telephone system that offers customers a cost-effective solution to meet the demands of modern day business.

User-friendly web portal

Anytime anywhere. Every component of the Hosted VoIP solution is configured through our modern and intuitive web portal. The portal can be accessed from any location in the world via a web browser, meaning you do not have to be in the office to change how your calls are routed.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR feature allows companies to present inbound callers with a welcome message, followed by options to aid with the correct routing of calls to required destinations. Our highly versatile IVR solution enables companies to create IVRs with multi levels and contexts, and can route calls based on a whole range of call criteria based on what the caller inputs on their keypad. An IVR is an indispensable piece of communication technology that not only reduces costs, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Call Queues (Call centre agents)

Our platform can provide inbound call centres with access to powerful call distribution features and reporting on agent activity. Agents can log into any number of different queues with a single agent ID from any handset as well as from external destinations (such as home landlines). Queues can be configured to route calls based on a variety of criteria and play music and messages to callers as they wait. Supervisors can monitor the queue as well as listen to live calls for training and assistance of agents.
Queues are ideal for sales departments, customer service and support departments as it helps maximize resources whilst improving customer satisfaction. Various call distribution algorithms are available such as Ring All, Least Recently Called, Fewest Calls, Round Robin, and many more; to ensure that calls are directed to the best available agent.

Call Queue Reports and Statistics

Reports and statistics on all queue and agent activity can be accessed via the web portal from any location worldwide, both historically and real time, meaning your call centre staff and supervisors no longer need be based in the same location. The reporting tools allow analysis of performance indicators as well as access to a whole raft of information.


The flexible voicemail feature can be configured to answer calls on the user's behalf and take messages from callers. This can be configured to automatically send any messages to email and can also be accessed from any extension or through the web portal in any location worldwide. Emailed messages can be reviewed on most smartphones without needing to place a call.

Plus more great features...

Call Recording - Our call recording feature allows users to record their telephone conversations for future reference and review without needing to invest in expensive call recording hardware. Additional storage space for recordings can be added in increments of 1GB (approx 18 hours of recordings). Recordings can be accessed via our intuitive web portal when required from any location worldwide.

Conferencing - Businesses are able to set-up scheduled or ad-hoc conferences with the use of this feature. A single UK DDI or group of DDIs including international numbers can be allocated to the Conference Centre, allowing participants to converse for the cost of local call. The Conference centre can be configured to prompt callers to announce themselves on entry or even use a pass code to authenticate and gain access. All Conference calls can also be recorded so that a record of the conference can be emailed for reference to all participants.

Call Forward - Never miss an important phone call again. The Call Forward feature allows users to automatically forward either all or selected calls to any internal extension or external destination including mobiles and public phone numbers.

Incoming Call Rules - The VoIPon Hosted PBX's powerful Incoming Call Rules allow users to control how calls to their phone are routed dependent on a variety of factors including the time of day, Caller ID and extension status.

Track Presence - Also known as BLF (Busy Lamp Field). This feature allows users to configure their phone to display the status of other extensions within their company with the help of multi-colour LED buttons.

Music on Hold - Hosted PBX allows you to upload any Music on Hold (copyright permitting) file to the Hosted PBX. It can be a standard music file or a custom voice message. This is ideal for call queues and IVRs, which can be configured to route calls based on a variety of criteria and play music and messages to callers as they wait.

Call Transfer - Calls can be transferred to any other internal extension or external destination, independent of location. Physical limitations are now a thing of the past, companies with multiple offices can transfer calls at no cost between sites as if they were located in the same office.

DND - Do Not Disturb If you need to get a task completed then simply enable the DND feature from the phone terminal and enjoy full privacy. When enabled, calls are rejected and a custom sound file is played to the callers trying to contact the extension.

Hunt Groups - Enable specific extensions in a group to be called based on a set of rules or algorithms.

Ring All Feature - The Ring All feature allows each extension to ring any number of other extensions when an inbound call is presented to it.

Call Pickup - Call Pickup allows users to take calls ringing on other extensions without having to leave their desk.

Call Screening - Call screening prompts inbound callers to say their name which will then be presented to the extension user so they can decide if they want to accept the call.

Call Parking - Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up by other agents when ready, freeing up receptionists phones in busy environments.

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