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What is Yealink RPS?

Yealink RPS (Redirection & Provisioning Service) is a significant resource-saving feature available on Yealink IP Phones.

1. On boot-up, the Yealink IP phone attempts to connect to Yealink's master RPS server.

2. The Yealink RPS server receives the request from the phone; if the phone's MAC address is registered on the RPS system, the Yealink server communicates back to the phone that configuration information is available on the VoIPon server.

3. The Yealink phone retrieves the encrypted configuration file from the VoIPon server which is pre-populated at the order stage with extension and server variables.

4. Using the retrieved configuration file, the Yealink phone configures and connects to the PBX or VoIP Provider as instructed.