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Polycom KIRK & SpectraLink business grade on-site mobility solutions

Polycom KIRK and Polycom SpectraLink Handsets are business grade solutions designed and manufactured for use in the workplace.

SpectraLink Wireless Telephones are designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest workplace environments while providing all the feature functionality of a desk phone. KIRK mobility solutions out perform the consumer grade DECT or wireless handsets designed for use in the home.

Professional KIRK DECT versus consumer grade DECT

Polycom KIRK handsets are tested for use in the workplace against independent third party tests and are thus extremely durable unlike consumer-grade phone designs.

The difference

The differences between a typical consumer grade (high street) DECT telephone and a professional business grade KIRK DECT solution are described in the table below.

Professional Polycom
Wireless Solution

High street DECT/WiFi
(typical performance)

No of handsets

Scalable to 4000 + (Depending on system)

Max 5 (typical)

Simultaneous calls

Scalable to 4000 + (Depending on system)

One (max)

20 Hours 10 Hours
Stand by time
200 Hours 100 hours
Coverage customised for the site Limited


Handsets built for constant use in the work place.

Handsets built for occasional use in the home.

Built and tested to industrial usage  standards of reliability Reliability suited for home use


Handset designs range from styles suited for office handsets to those for hazardous environments

Handset styles designed for home use


Specified for the work place

to provide a stable quality of service

Multiple base stations can interfere and cause system instability

Adds optional functionality Can not add functionality

Integration with PBX

Analogue, ISDN, IP interface options Analogue
Compatibility with VoIP

Can be installed on all compatible VoIP telephone systems

Not compatible

Case study

Guy Salmon Land Rover in Leeds had a problem – they had a domestic DECT system which was not up to the job. They needed a professional solution – so they chose KIRK.

Choosing a DECT solution - the issues

When an organisation wants to provide workplace mobility for an employee a high street DECT telephone is often the first option it considers. It will typically;

  • Overlook the opportunity to increase productivity which a DECT system can provide
  • Accept the coverage provided by a high street DECT solution as the best which can be achieved.
  • Plan to use multiple systems to provide mobility for several employees

The issues of productivity, coverage and stability are often not considered until after the high street DECT solution has been installed. It is then that the experience of using the high street DECT equipment highlights its limitations and it becomes apparent that;

  • Interference between multiple DECT systems can create service problems
  • These service problems can impair productivity rather than increase it
  • The coverage does not extend into the key work areas

In contrast a professional KIRK DECT solution provides a stable quality of service, the potential for greater productivity, and will be specified to provide a coverage which matches exactly that required.

KIRK DECT solutions are scalable add-on solutions which are customised to the individual customer. Moreover, a KIRK solution will be professionally specified and installed and can be used to deliver more than simple handset functionality.

The KIRK5020 DECT Handset for business phone systems

KIRK 5020 handset

Adding functionality with a KIRK solution

A professional KIRK DECT system can deliver more than handset functionality for voice calls. It can;

  • Integrate with alarm systems to automatically warn of activation of fire, entry, or machinery alarms
  • Be used as a lone worker solution to provide notification to a central desk of an employee in trouble or other emergency event
  • Be used as a site paging system
  • Provide an inter-company text service

Professionally specified and installed

A KIRK DECT system will be specified and planned for the customer’s workplace. A survey of signal strength and usage is the key to the design of the solution which will provide a high quality of service in doors and out and is able to handle the expected number of simultaneous calls.

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