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Wireless IP Phones

WiFi and DECT Cordless VoIP Phones

Take advantage of the high functionality of VoIP at a low operating cost, without sacrificing convenience.

WiFi and DECT cordless IP phones allow you to be mobile which makes life easier and more convenient in the office.

WiFi IP Phones use your internet connection to make VoIP calls. They do not require a base station.

DECT IP phones use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology to link phones to a base station without any wires. Designed for voice, DECT operates on its own isolated frequency, offering superior voice quality with very little interference and optimum security.

DECT solutions are popular with small to medium-sized office and retail environments as well as residential networks. WiFi phones are ideal for industrial deployments and workers on the move, where roaming free while making and receiving calls is necessary.

We stock Wireless DECT and WiFi VoIP phones from all major manufacturers including Yealink, UniData, Gigaset, Grandstream and Snom.

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