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Vegastream Vega 50 Europa Gateway 8 x FXO

Vegastream Vega 50 Europa Gateway 8 x FXOEnlarge
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This item has been discontinued.
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SKU VS0109

Availability: Discontinued

Please note that the Vegastream Vega 50 Europa Gateway has been discontinued. We recommend the Sangoma Vegastream Vega 50 Europa as a good alternative.

The Vega 50 Europa gateway connects a range of legacy telephony equipment, including PBXs, ISDN telephones, ISDN, analog phonesand the PSTN to IP networks. The Vega 50 Europa supports up to 10 analog ports, and either 4 or 8 basic rate ISDN channels on 4 interfaces. The Europa is available factory configured in a number of different configurations.

The following gateway is configured as follows:

  • 8 Port FXO

BRI interfaces can each be independently configured as network orterminal-facing. The Vega 50 Europa gateway can, therefore, beconnected to a PBX and the PSTN simultaneously. This configuration provides:

  • No disruption to the configuration of existing equipment
  • Flexibility and choice for call routing

The Vega 50 Europa can be configured as 600R, 900R or CTR-21

Open, Non-Proprietary Interfaces

The Vega 50 Europa supports ETSI BRI and has proveninteroperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment.

All VegaStream gateways can support SIP, H.323 and T.38 fax. The gateway can be configured for different country requirements, such as tones and line impedance.

Lifeline PSTN Backup

All variants equipped with any number of FXS ports are also fitted with two FXO ports. The two FXO ports provide a hard-wired bypassto allow local PSTN calls to be made under power or IP failure conditions


VoIP Protocols

  • SIP
  • H.323 version 4
  • Audio codecs:
    G.711 (a-law/µ-law) (64 kbps)
    G.729a (8kbps)
    G.723.1 (5.3/6.4 kbps)
  • Fax Support - up to G3 fax, using T.38
  • Modem Support - up to V.90, using G.711
  • Up to 8 VoIP channels

Telephony Interface

  • 2 or 4 powered S/T interfaces
  • Point to point or point to multipoint
  • Each Interface can be configured NT or TE 8 or 4 FXS ports 600R, 900R or CTR-21 line impedance for the 2 backup FXO ports fitted in FXS variant.



  • Caller ID presentation
  • Caller ID screening guarantees connection only from authenticated call sources
  • H.323 gatekeeper registration> SIP Registration and Digest Authentication
  • SIP Registration and Digest Authentication

Billing, Operations and Maintenance

  • HTTP web server - with access to user guide
  • Radius Accounting
  • Remote firmware upgrade:
    - Auto code upgrade
    - Auto configuration upgrade
  • SNMP MIB 1&2
  • TFTP/FTP support
  • VT100 - RS232/Telnet

Routing and Numbering

  • Dial Planner - sophisticated call routing capabilities, standalone or gatekeeper/proxy integration
  • Direct Dialing In (DDI)

Call Quality

  • Adaptive jitter removal
  • Comfort noise generation
  • Silence suppression> 802.1p/Q VLAN tagging
  • Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
  • Type of Service (ToS)
  • QoS statistics reporting
  • Echo cancellation (G.168 up to 128ms)
  • NAT Traversal


0°-40°C 0-90% humidity (non-condensing)

Front Panel Display LED:


  • LAN: Link, Activity
  • Call Activity

Physical Dimensions

  • 299.73mm (11.80") x 44.45mm (1.75") x 237.06mm (9.33") width/height/depth
  • Weight: 1.02kgs (unit only)


External 30W AC-DC adapter (TBD)

Program Storage

Code and configuration data are stored in FLASH and executed from RAM

This product has been discontinued.
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Vegastream Vega 50 Europa Gateway 8 x FXO
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