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3CX Skype Gateway
Receive and place Skype calls from 3CX with 3CX Gateway for Skype

3CX Gateway for Skype allows you to quickly Skype enable your 3CX Phone System allowing you to place and receive Skype calls from any 3CX extension. Using 3CX Gateway for Skype, you can publish a Skype number so that customers can call you free of charge and calls will be handled just like any other telephone call and can therefore be queued just like any other phone call.

Users can forward calls to their Skype number, allowing them to leverage Skype clients for I-phone and other mobiles. In addition, forwarding can be done free of charge.

Skype also offers a worldwide network of phone numbers, meaning you have access to a reliable and worldwide VoIP provider.

3CX Gateway for Skype installs on any Windows machine and does not require any separate hardware or a dedicated box. You can use multiple Skype instances to allow processing of multiple Skype calls simultaneously.

3CX Gateway for Skype is available free of charge and works with both the free edition of 3CX Phone System as well as the commercial edition.

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