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Our Company Culture

VoIPon is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with a dynamic and positive culture that reflects the energy and momentum
of the VoIP telecommunications revolution.

We have a vision of a world based upon open communication. Our mission is to transform the way businesses acquire and operate their communications systems through the application of advanced voice over IP hardware, with a focus on open source technologies.

At VoIPon we appreciate that the customer should have control over the technology that goes into their telecommunications systems,
a rare freedom in the proprietary world of Telecoms.

We believe in the work we are doing, and are proud to be contributing to the VoIP movement. Our staff are dedicated, knowledgeable, and focused on providing you with the solutions your business requires.

The desire to exceed our customers' expectations has been key to VoIPon's success from the very beginning.

  • Our vision is a world based upon open communication
  • VoIPon staff are dedicated, knowledgeable, and focused
  • We are proud to be contributing to the VoIP movement

We are also accredited to ISO

ISO 9001ISO 9001

At VoIPon Solutions it has always been a tradition to provide high quality service and delivery. To achieve this, commitment to the continuous improvement of our business processes and procedures is part of our culture.

As part of this continuous improvement we have successfully had our business systems independently accredited against BS EN ISO 9001:2008, the International Standard for Quality Systems.

ISO 14001ISO 14001

VoIPon Solutions recognise the environmental impacts of its operations and is committed to reduce these impacts while still providing exceptional Quality, Service and Delivery.

To achieve this goal VoIPon Solutions has developed its management systems to meet the requirements and to be independently accredited to ISO 14001:2004, the International Standard for Environmental Management.