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Grandstream GXP2160 Enterprise IP Phone Review

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Review by Mark Brown Date Added: Saturday 22 March, 2014
I was pretty excited to receive my GXP-2160 which arrived reasonably quickly.
Everyone loves new toys and I was really looking forward to replacing my trusty aging Grandstream 2010 I still have on my desk.

Setup is quite straight forward if you are at all familiar with previous Grandstream models, though some of the help descriptions in the firmware can do with a bit of work. Some are really pretty un helpful and may as well not even be there.

The phone itself is really good looking and the colour screen makes an attractive addition.

Unfortunately, several key features that are advertised for this phone seem to be missing in the current firmware and numerous bugs still abound.

I can't help but feel this phone is not ready for market yet.

There is no way to modify soft keys or add custom logos, can't transfer calls to an asterisk Extension starting with a * ie. extension voicemail.

The phone seems quite sluggish as if it's playing catch-up with what you key in, making you sometimes think you have not pressed the key properly only to end up with 2 digits instead.

There is no way to add or modify the BLF keys (multi purpose keys) on the phone without using the web interface.

Putting the phone into restricted mode seemed to make no difference and I was able to make changes to several important settings that I feel should not have been possible in restricted mode.

There are still no key labels displayed on the screen for custom assigned line keys, even though this has been a request for numerous other models for over a year by several users on their support forum.

I noticed intermittent sound distortion on the phone at the beginning of calls, connected to my local Asterisk server using Alaw/Ulaw codec that my older Grandstream models do not experience.

I'm sure many of these are things that will be fixed in time with new firmware, but after the advertising hype I was expecting more.

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