Yealink RPS is a significant resource-saving feature available on Yealink IP Phones.

  • Zero-touch Mass Deployment & Plug and Play
  • High Security & High Reliability
  • Configure your Yealink Phone with VoIPon
  • Click on a compatible Yealink Phone to get started
Setup Yealink RPS

VoIPon VoIP Phone Provisioning

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    Purchase Provide configuration

    By adding Auto Provisioning to a phone at the point of purchase, specific extension and authentication settings can be set up in advance.

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    Receive Unbox and plug in

    It's as simple as plugging in your phone. Anyone can set up their own VoIP hardware, as the configuration
    was completed at purchase.

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    Make calls Start using your phones

    On the initial boot-up, your phone(s) will have personalised configurations. You can then start making calls from your provisioned yealink phone.

What is Yealink RPS?

Yealink Redirection & Provisioning Service (RPS) is a powerful tool that allows system administrators to securely configure their phones in advance of dispatch - without taking the phones out of their box. Deployment is quick, easy, and secure. Watch the video for more details.

  • Completely Free Provisioning Service
  • Zero-touch Mass Deployment, saves time and money
  • Plug and Play Installation on Yealink IP Phones

How to order Yealink RPS?

To use our Auto Provisioning service, navigate to the product page of the Yealink VoIP phones you would like to buy. Once there, select the blue auto provisioning option under "add to cart".