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Free VoIP Features

Great stuff to make your life easier & your business run smoother

Every VoIPon VoIP account is fully loaded with these great features from the outset - completely free!

VoIp Videos
For more detailed information on how to make the most of our business VoIP services, why not take a look at our VoIP tutorial videos?

Unlike other service providers, at VoIPon, we include a range of fantastic additional features on our call products - at no extra cost! Take a look at what we offer..

  • Free SIP and IAX (Asterisk) Connectivity

    Configure numbers for the IP telephony service of your choice. It's simple and free to update Asterisk/SIP settings 24hrs a day.

  • Number Redirect
    Purchase a number from us and within minutes you can have it redirecting to another number - anywhere in the World. Great for customer helplines and when you need to be out of the office but want to be reached on your usual number.

  • Fax to Email

    Get an incoming fax number up and running in seconds! No need to lease another line or run an expensive fax machine.. simply choose one of our numbers and direct it to your email address.

  • Free Hosted Voicemail

    Our VoIP services will host your voicemail free of charge. Simply configure your SIP phone to connect to our network centre and access your voicemail any time of day.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Configure your number to take messages that are recorded and sent to your inbox.

  • Scheduled Dialplan
    Redirect your calls depending upon the time of day. Receive callers at certain times and redirect them to answering services or alternative destinations when you're unavailable.

  • ThreeCall

    Configure your number to ring up to 3 different VoIP accounts simultaneously - even when they are in completely different locations. The call is connected to the first phone that picks up.

  • SMS Callback

    Want to use cheap SIP calls on your mobile? Text our service centre with your destination number and you will be called back and connected using your SIP account.

  • Online Billing

    Check your exact balance any time of day from your account page.

  • Detailed Call Records

    Simply log in to your VoIPon account to view detailed records of all your calls.

  • Automatic Call Credit Topups

    Our easy-to-use system allows you to set call credit to automatically top up. Simply set the call credit balance you wish to trigger the topup, along with the value of that topup and you're done. It's that easy. Never run out of credit again, never place another call credit order, never credit more than you want.

  • Low Balance Email Alerts

    Another great feature from VoIPon - have a low balance warning emailed to you. Great for network managers and individuals alike. Simply set it up and relax. No more checking back - just in case.

  • Personalise VoIP Accounts

    Name VoIP accounts for easy identification, set your outgoing caller ID.

  • Online VoIP Status

    Check online that your SIP phone is registered with the service.

  • 2 Free Simultaneous Calls

    Effectively two lines for the price of none! You can also add additional SIP channels at any time.