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VoIPon VoIP Call Tariff

Full details of our great value VoIP call plans. Use our quick check feature to find the charges for your chosen destination. Other key destinations are listed below and you can download our full tariff in CSV or text format.

All prices are shown as GBP (£) per minute excluding VAT.

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Quick Check Charges (£)
Destination Peak Off-Peak

Tariff SIP Charges (£)
Destination Peak Off-Peak
Within VoIPon Network 0.000 0.000
Other IP Networks 0.000 0.000
Tariff UK
Charges (£)
Peak Off-Peak
UK National 01/020.0100.010
UK 03 UK wide0.0200.020
UK 3 Mobile0.0500.050
UK BT Fusion Mobile0.3820.382
UK EE(Orange) Mobile0.0500.050
UK EE(T-Mobile) Mobile0.0500.050
UK Vodafone Mobile0.0500.050
UK NGN national0.0500.050
UK O2 Mobile0.0500.050
UK Other Mobile band A0.1820.182
UK Other Mobile band B0.2550.255
UK Other Mobile band C0.3430.343
UK 0800 Freephone Outpayment0.0250.025
UK 0808 Freephone Outpayment0.0250.025
UK 0843 Outpayment0.0000.000
Tariff EU Charges (£)
Destination Peak Off-Peak
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Tariff Worldwide Charges (£)
Destination Peak Off-Peak

Call rates provided on this page are correct as of: 29 February 2020. Calls are billed per second, with a minimum charge of 1 pence. Off peak rates apply between 6pm and 8am UTC. Call Connection charges apply where indicated.
Rates provided for download are provided for information purposes only, VoIPon is not liable for any inaccuracies with billed calls. Call rates are subject to change without advance notice.