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Can I Save Money with VoIP?

Most businesses start saving money immediately..

Business Startup

For new businesses, startup costs can be one of the greatest obstacles. Most traditional telecoms companies will try to lock their customers into 12, 18 or even 24 month contracts for phone line rental and call packages. The great news about VoIP is that you don't need a separate phone line - only your broadband. With VoIPon, there are no contracts, no minimums, no monthly fees - all you pay for are our low call VoIP minutes.

No contracts or monthly fees mean low overheads and maximum flexibility for your business.

Small to Medium Sized Business

Ever feel like your telco doesn't like you? Ever wanted to take control yourself? VoIP is the answer. VoIP allows you and your employees to connect from anywhere. Voicemail and fax can be delivered directly to your email inbox whilst the perfect incoming number for your business can be set up in minutes - at substantially lower cost than through a traditional telco.

Enterprise Business

Large businesses and organisations often incur large costs with communicating between departments and divisions in different locations. By calling from one VoIP phone to another, using your VoIP ID, your business need never incur another phone charge again! In fact, the principle extends to anywhere that broadband is available - making it easy to completely remove call costs between business departments anywhere in the World.